Photos Always Tell a Story

Lately we’ve been receiving (and posting) a lot of vintage photos, as well as photos of Middleby-brand equipment being used throughout the world. And judging by the amount of people who have viewed, liked on Facebook or re-Tweeted those photos, you all seem to enjoy seeing them.

Of course, that means we will be happy to keep posting them, and if you have any you’d like to submit, send them along to us as well.

Vintage photos are neat because they give us a quick snapshot of what life was like a long time ago. Notice the banner of this blog? It represents the beginnings of Middleby Marshall, and in fact features founder John Marshall, the man in the bow tie seated at the bottom right. Here’s the entire photo.


Those photos bear testament to something Middleby and its more than 40 brands is all about — quality.

That’s because quality is what keeps companies in business. Middleby Marshall would never have made it to its 125th anniversary – which it is celebrating this year – without a commitment to making quality a priority in everything they do.

As crazy as it sounds, Middleby Marshall isn’t even the oldest business in our family. That distinction belongs to Blodgett, which has been cranking out ovens in Burlington, Vermont for 165 years. Wells has been around for over 90 years, and many of our other brands have the same kind of history.

Many of our brands were started as small family businesses and grew to what they are today. One thing most family businesses have in common is that when your name is above the door you work that little bit extra to make sure your build a solid reputation that does that name proud. That attitude prevails even when a small family company makes the jump to a multi-million dollar corporation. It has to, it’s why the company got to where it is at, and it’s still what needs to be done to grow even bigger.

Lincat, which has been in business since 1971, recently posted a magazine article about a fryer that had been in use in a UK bar for over 25 years. Imagine that…a fryer doing its thing day after day, year after year for over a quarter century, and the owner of the business said he had no plans to replace it, because it still works as well as the day he bought it. There are many of these kinds of stories out there from all of our brands…stories about our customer’s successes and the longevity of our equipment.

We like hearing this stuff, and while we don’t mind it when people decide to replace an older piece of equipment with a newer model, we are proud of the job we did to create something that lasts. People’s businesses depend on products that last.

That’s why it is important that when equipment leaves the plant it is ready for whatever a customer wants to throw its way. We want you to beat up our equipment, because our equipment can take it, and if you are beating up on our equipment it means that you are busy and your business is doing well! We are always happy to play a part in the success of our customers.

Quality is why Middleby equipment sits in one of every three restaurants worldwide. Quality is also why we have such a high customer retention rate. We are proud of the relationship and loyalty we have built with our customers, both large and small,  and how time after time they return to Middleby for their restaurant equipment needs.

That loyalty and commitment goes both ways, as our guarantees and warranties are some of the best in the business. That also extends to our commitment to innovation, and our desire to improve products – and create new ones – that save you time, money and energy.

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