Grilling Out, Middleby Style

People love to dine outside, so it’s no surprise that for foodies summer is the peak of outdoor activities, especially when it comes to grilling. There are few things better than eating al fresco while munching on some great meat or veggies from the grill.

Plus it’s a lot of fun. According to a poll by the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association (HPBA), 41 percent of consumers list one of the main reasons that they would buy a grill is because of the enjoyment of cooking outside.

Restaurants are closely following consumer trends and see how much their customers love grilled foods and enjoy the outdoor dining experience, and Middleby brands MagiKitch’n and Viking have the perfect equipment.

The new MagiKitch’n Outdoor Modular Cooking Suite (MKO) offers high production outdoor cooking for restaurants and clubs. It provides several options and accessories available to match diverse menu selections and operational needs.

“The MKO series is top of the line because of its quality and versatility. There is no other grill out there that compares,” said Steven Spittle, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Pitco and Magikitch’n. “Our customers love all of the different built in options and accessories we provide that fit their menu and rneeds to provide the perfect dining experience for their patrons that have them coming back for more.”

According to restaurant professionals and consumers, the top five attributes when purchasing a grill are easy to clean, simple to use, multi-functioning, portability of the grill, and add-on possibilities. MagiKitch’n and Viking meet these needs for both the commercial restaurant and home products. The MKO series offers all of these items that chefs love which make an unforgettable dining experience for their customers. The all stainless steel modular design features a grill, chrome griddle plate, and two 25,000 BTU side burners. Some additional add-on options are an adjustable warming rack, rotisserie and a steam option to name a few.

But, if you wish to bring the outdoor restaurant style cooking to your home, Viking, the newest of the Middleby brands, can help make the dream come true.

Viking Range has some outstanding residential outdoor products, whether for hosting the big summer party or just a few burgers with the family, Viking will exceed grilling expectations. Viking has an abundance of outdoor cooking pieces, including the popular 100/300/500 series grills, charcoal smoker, gas wok, warming drawer and double sided burner.

“The Viking grills are top rated outdoor grills that accommodate any outdoor cooking needs. They are flexible and provide easy cleanup after use,” said Matt Finke, Product Manager for Viking Outdoor Products. “Our customers choose Viking because of the quality performance, the 3-year warranty, and most importantly the satisfaction of their family and guests after eating food that was prepared on a Viking grill.”

Viking grills capture and create flavor as grill drippings become smoke atop the white briquette flavor generator system.  Heavy-duty stainless steel grilling grates glamorize the grilling surface. Two halogen lights mounted inside of the grill canopy provide ample lighting for nighttime grilling.  Reduce cook time with TruSear, eat sooner as short preheat time and intense infrared heat sizzles thick, juicy steaks, seafood, or vegetables to lock in flavor. Viking makes cleanup easy for operators once grilling is complete. Grease management system features “tray within a tray” design and burner drip guards aid in grease management by channeling liquid down to the drip tray.

Research shows that Labor Day is the second most popular holiday for grilling, where 75% of grill owners fire up the grill. Whether you’re celebrating Labor Day, the upcoming tailgating season for football, or just relaxing with friends and family, don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase a new Viking or MagiKitch’n outdoor grill that will have your guests coming back for more.

Ready for the ultimate MagiKitch’n and Viking experience? Don’t wait, contact Matt Finke for all Viking Range questions and MagiKitch’n MKO Series details contact Steven Spittle: or (603) 230-5543.

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