Fast Casual…But Faster.

Watch television long enough, and you will see plenty of commercials that talk about products being “fast”.

Fast cars, fast internet, fast food…we want everything fast. Actually we want everything “faster”. As a race car driver will tell you, the only thing better than going fast is going even faster.

Fast evolves. What we considered fast a decade ago is now slow. Remember how banging we thought a 56K modem was for our computer? It’s funny to think that we once surfed the net at that speed, but in 2023 we’ll look back and wonder how we ever got anything done with the “slow” internet speeds we have today.

The restaurant business is no different. In fact, a whole new industry  – “fast casual” –  came about because consumers embraced something new to what we typically consider fast food. They wanted the variety of the casual dining experience but they wanted it in a way that they could get back to their lives quickly.

Along with saving energy, and money, of course, saving time is one of the challenges the industry is facing. How do you speed up cooking/serving times while continue to deliver the delicious food that your customers expect?

One way is to give consumers more choices in how they can order their food. A recent survey suggested that 64 percent of consumers between the ages of 19-34 would prefer ordering their food online and picking it up later.

It’s a perfect multitasking scenario. Order the food, and in the time it takes to drive there, the food is being prepared and all that is left to do is pick it up and head back home. There’s no lost time to waiting in line, and if you’ve ever watched crazy drivers during rush hour who zig and zag all over the road to shave 30 seconds off their commute, you know that time is insanely precious to people.

Recently the website posted a great commentary on this very subject. Check it out here.

The author talks about near field communications (NFC) and how that will change the game in the restaurant/fast casual industry. The cool thing is that it helps everyone involved…it gives the customer options in areas such as reservations, menus, orders and payments while helping the restaurant provide better, faster service, with real-time possibilities to adjust to the customer’s needs almost on the fly.

Right here, right now it sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Funny thing is, sooner or later, we usually catch up to our ideas. That’s what forward thinking and innovation is all about. Think big, and sooner or later the technology catches up. It’s like sending an astronaut to Mars, the technology to do so doesn’t even exist, but by the time they are ready to undertake such a mission, it will.

Just like the restaurant industry, we are always thinking ahead. We have equipment  that can make a pizza in 90 seconds with Turbochef and Middleby Marshall, and can boil water in 30 with CookTek, make your breakfast in 30 seconds with the fastest toaster in the business from Holman and a product from Star that lets you make an omelete in less than two minutes.

We have bakery technology from Blodgett, NuVu and Doyon that allows products to bake in a fraction of traditional bake times. And if fast cooking isn’t enough, we have Carter Hoffmann food holding technologies that allows for quick product preparation tasting like it just came off the grill.

And as you read this, we are coming up with industry-disrupting ideas to take speed cooking to new levels, while keeping food quality outstanding. We plan to continue to lead the market with our innovations and patented technologies, but to lead the way in creating new speed cooking solutions.

If our customers are moving faster, because their customers want to move faster, we have to follow suit. So instead of trying to save time in your lives by zig-zagging down the road, cruise with us in the fast lane, and we’ll have you home in time, with a delicious dinner ready for you and your family.

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